The Day Before Thanksgiving

Chef for the Day Gail and Mom

Lots of non-stop visiting today while the guys ran errands (including doing laundry) and we girls stayed busy with meals, cleaning and organizing our RVs and just generally getting ready for a big Thanksgiving tomorrow.

It was Gail’s turn to be the outdoor chef today.  She fixed melt-in-your-mouth barbeque chicken tenders, baked beans, yellow rice, baby lima beans and rolls.  Mom added macaroni and cheese and an apple cobbler.

Hope spoiled us with a box of chocolate covered cherries.

Unfortunately, Mike got sick this afternoon.  He dosed with Nyquil and went to bed early.

Gail cooking

We had very heavy rains last night, so I got to check the drip pan I made for the upper refrigerator vent in the Casita.  It caught ALL the rain that came in the slightly angled in upper vent, and there was no water at all around the bottom of the refrigerator.  So thanks to Gene, webmaster at the Casita Forums for a trailer-saving tip that works.

My beautiful Mom

Gail tried out the Zodi shower (instead of the solar shower)  in her van yesterday and today and loves it.

Just got an email from my beautiful baby sister Jeannie.  She will be here tomorrow, too!



  1. I just spotted you when I was reading another blog. I have you listed on my lap top but not the desk top. Well now you are here too.
    You did such a wonderful job on the beds and I love the fabric you chose.
    Where did you get the foam? I need to put a back on my dinette turned couch. Right now I have a rolled up mattress from a twin futon It works but I would love to have it be right. And I need a new mattress for the bed.
    Have a wonderful visit with your family and a very Happy Thanksgiving.


    • JoJo, I used the 6″ Spa Sensations mattresses (cut to fit) from Walmart for my mattresses. But I have bought foam from The Foam Factory before and highly recommend them. Their prices are great and you can choose the quality and softness of foam you need. Here’s their URL.


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