A Chicken & Dumplings Day

The kitchen in Gail's van

Gail and Mike in their van, and we in our Casita, have our own little Gypsy camp on Mom’s property.  It is so much fun to be temporary next door neighbors with Mom, Hope and each other.  Gail and I marvel at the miracle of our little houses on wheels and all the possibilities they open up to us.

Today Hope, Gail and I went shopping — first at the Boy’s Ranch Thrift Shop looking for a 25 cup coffee maker for Gail to use as a water heater in the van.  Then the guys met us at Dairy Queen for ice cream, then we girls split again from the guys for more shopping.

When we got back to Mom’s, I cooked a big pot of chicken and dumplings outside on the picnic table, then made garlic bread to go with it in Mom’s broiler.  I think I probably enjoyed the chicken and dumplings more than anyone else.  Oh well, every

Gail loves the shelves that keep everything organized and easy to reach.

meal can’t be a masterpiece.  🙂

Gail and Mike are going to Jacksonville tomorrow to visit friends and to put flowers on some of Mike’s family’s graves. We’ll visit with Mom and Hope tomorrow while they are gone.

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