Wallydocking Tonight

Overnighting in Tifton

I was still packing last minute items in the camper at noon today.  We finally got away from home around 1:00.

We had never overnighted at a Walmart or truck stop before, as the Aliner was a popup and had no gray water tank.  But it was on our bucket list of things to do at least once – just so we could say we did it… so here we are at the Walmart in Tifton, GA this evening.

We got here at 6:00 p.m.. We had planned to buy paper plates, paper towels, trash bags, etc.  But I was so exhausted that I walked Sunny and fell into bed at 6:30.  Ron crashed right along with me.

Then at 8:30 some very noisy trucks revved through the parking lot and woke us up.

So we got up and got our shopping done.

It’s noisy with the windows open, but when we close the windows we can barely hear outside sounds.  We do have the windows open right now because our trailer doesn’t have a Fantastic Fan, and it’s pretty warm outside.  Later I’ll close them again before we go back to bed.

Using the microwave cabinet for storage.

I did find spaces for everything I wanted to bring, although I’ll be doing a lot of re-organizing as time goes by.  I am very glad that I took the aftermarket microwave out because that space is really handy.  I have spices, pickles and olives, coffee, small hardware repair items, tatting supplies, sandwich bags and paper towels in that space.  All subject to being moved and rearranged, of course!

I tried to call Gail this evening, but didn’t get an answer.  They are on the road from Texas heading to meet us at Mom’s.  They also probably crashed with exhaustion, as they have a much longer drive than we do.


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