New Cushions for the Casita

The new rear single bed and small dinette

I got the cushions finished last night.  So now my Spirit Deluxe has the twin beds that were so important to us.  The back cushions are pillow shams with pillows that can be stuffed behind our backs, under our knees, wherever needed for comfort.  And if needed, we could store off season bedding and clothing in them.

I had hoped to have the valances and coral throw pillows and accents completed before the trip, but I’m out of time.

I bought light brown runners and throw rugs to use on the floor to make it warmer and to cover the table leg holes in the floor.

Some thoughts on the new layout:

New twin bed where the small dinette used to be

I love the twin beds.  Knowing we won’t have to crawl over each other for bathroom visits at night is wonderful.

On days when we are stuck inside due to bad weather, we’ll have a lot more personal space this way.

I used 5″ foam for the dinette cushions because that’s what I had left from an Aliner bed.  But we are short and our toes barely touch the floor, so eventually I’ll have to redo them with 4″ foam.

I’m not sure what kind of table I’ll build.  I’m thinking of a drop side (not drop leaf) table.  But I think we’ll wait and see how we use the space on our trip and decide later.  We’ll temporarily use a folding TV tray.

Anyway, it’s a great relief to have the hard part done.  Now I need to mop the floor, put the rugs down, spray the beds and cushions with Scotchgard, then pack the food and clothes for the trip.

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  1. Karen

     /  November 17, 2011

    Oh, it is gorgeous! You have excellent taste and your hard work has been worth it. Enjoy your holiday. Karen in OR


  2. Terry

     /  November 17, 2011

    Talk about before and after!! The fabrics are just beautiful and have the effect of expanding the space. And the layout is really intriguing. The SD is more versatile thN I would have thought. I will keep this in mind. Enjoy your trip – going where???


    • Terry, I had thought I wanted the Liberty with the twin beds. But I like this a lot better now.

      I’ll add a drop down shelf by the stove for extra counter space. Plus I can open the door over the refrigerator for more counter space. And I can put the cutting board across the open drawer for even more. Then when I get a table in there, I think I’ll have all the counter space I want.

      I hadn’t thought about the fabrics expanding the space, but the stripes do make a big difference, don’t they?

      We’re headed to Florida to visit family for 10 days or so. Then we want to get down to Central Florida to visit a couple of friends.


  3. Very nice. Where do you eat, play cards etc.?


    • Dan, we use a folding table between the two seat cushions in front of the rear bed right now. I am planning to build a drop leaf table for that area so we can fold it down and not have it block walking space when it’s not in use.


  4. sola

     /  May 11, 2012

    we love your idea and how beautiful…..where did you get/buy your material for your project? Thanks, karen


    • Karen, I was fortunate enough to find the fabric at The Fabric Peddler, a discount store in Carrollton, GA that sells discontinued upholstery fabric. It was about 1/3 of the regular price.


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