Fairly Straightforward Fix

It appears the Casita’s leak is in the city water connection.  All I have to do is remove a small dinette bench and I should be able to easily fix it.

I am still thrilled with the Casita. Even if I eventually need to do a floor repair, I’ll have a top quality good-as-new camper when I’m done.

My reluctance to fix the Aliner’s floor was knowing that after I did the work, I would still have a trailer that I didn’t like anymore.  What a difference in build quality between the two!

I got the rest of the supplies to make my cushions and do the new beds this evening.  So as soon as I get the leak fixed, I’m back on track!

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  1. Your apparent talent in using your hands for all sorts of things certainly comes in handy when putting your Casita in shape. Being able to come up with the needed fixes is surely a blessing. Looking forward to seeing your reupholstery project completed . . .


  2. Reine

     /  November 10, 2011

    An easy way to make simple valances is to cover a strip of crinoline drapery header and attach to the blind header with velcro. Stitch on velcro on the crinoline and stick on velcro on the metal blind headed. Remove the silly metal “valances” and save just in case someone wants them back.


    • Thanks for the suggestion, Reine. I got the beds made tonight, and was wondering how I would do valances.

      And I was definitely planning to remove those metal valances! 🙂

      I have to do back cushions tomorrow. I think I’ll wait until it’s all done to post pictures.


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