We Got a Casita!

Our Casita -- finally!

Yesterday afternoon an ad for a 2005 Casita just 25 miles from our home popped up on Craigslist.  I immediately called the guy and we hurried off to look at it.  It looked great, so we put a deposit on it.  Then late this afternoon we brought it home.

Small dinette

It has been stored covered, and is in amazingly good shape for a 2005.  We couldn’t be more thrilled.

Naturally, ours looks like a clone of everyone else’s Casita, but this one is more beautiful because it’s ours!

The little galley. The door over the refrigerator to the left folds down for additional counter space. Also, I will add a fold up table to the right of the stove for additional working space.

I have lots of plans for it.  I want to widen the small dinette and turn it into a single bed and make another single bed in the rear with a tiny dinette there.  And of course pretty upholstered cushions, fabric valances to match the upholstery, and a whole lot of other things.

But the little trailer cost more than we had planned to spend, so we will be using it as is until we get get over the initial financial shock!

The rear dinette makes into a double bed.

The cute little bathroom

Another shot of the rear dinette

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  1. Whoppee! Looks great!


  2. It’s beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!!!!


  3. Congratulations! It’s a beauty, and as I’ve never seen one in person, I’m very impressed with the efficient layout! Even the bathroom looks ‘luxurious’!! The changes you’re contemplating sure sound like a lot more fun than that other crazy stuff you were doing in the A-liner! I’m so happy for you and am looking forward to reading about all your exciting adventures!


  4. Thanks, everyone, for sharing my joy over the new little trailer!

    Kathy, it is a luxurious little trailer. The quality is outstanding. It’s small, but for people who love tiny campers, it’s exquisite!

    Yes, the changes I plan on the Casita are pure fun! And I love the way you put that… I did feel like I was going crazy trying to keep up with all the Aliner problems. So glad it is gone!


  5. Terry

     /  November 2, 2011

    Congratulations! It was yours all along, just sitting there waiting for you to take her home. Sounds like it is in excellent condition, so you can skip repairs and go straight to “making her your own.’. I just ordered Spirit Deluxe, pickup in Mar. Am I eager! In the meantime, I will continue to follow your blog and live vicariously!


    • I live in Kansas City. Needing to return to my job ASAP will allow me only enough time to go to CasitaLand, get checked out with my trailer, and then pull her home. But I will keep an eye on that rally for future years. Green Eggs and Ham – very intriguing!


      • Well, with a Casita you will have lots of years to go wherever you want whenever you can! So no rush on the rallys!


  6. Terry, am thrilled that you are getting a NEW Casita! It is going to be a LONG time until March, isn’t it? 🙂

    I was just checking on the dates for the Green Eggs & Ham Rally in Alabama in March. If there’s any way you could make it, what a wonderful way to break in your new Casita!

    I’m not sure we can make it yet. Should know around the first of December.

    Thanks for the good wishes. I do think this one had our name on it!


  7. Janis

     /  November 3, 2011

    I love it!!! And I’m so happy for you guys!


  8. ukulefty

     /  November 3, 2011

    Great stuff! A good find on Craigslist. All in all you weren’t camper-less for very long in the end! I’m sure this one will bring you many years of joy without all the hassles of the old one!


  9. This is great! I know you felt so bad about your Aliner but this is really a great replacement! Still small enough but has so much more to offer and it won’t need all the work the Aliner did. I would definitely consider one for myself too if the chance came along. Enjoy your cute new camper!


    • Oh,JoAnne, there is no comparison. The little Casita is a gem! Hope you get a chance to get one!

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂


  10. I knew you would find something just perfect for you. Casita’s and Scamps are hard to come by. You lucked out with one in great shape.
    Have fun and be safe.


    • Hi, JoJo… sorry for not replying sooner, but your comment got eaten by my spam filter!

      We are more thrilled than ever that we finally found “the” camper with our name on it! 🙂


  11. We love our Casita! We picked ours up from the factory last year and it looks pretty much like yours!


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