Enjoying Autumn

Saturday we drove to the Alabama hills. We decided that even though we can’t camp right now, we had to be outdoors. We couldn’t have wished for a more perfect day… sunny, blue skies, with temperatures in the mid 60’s.

The scenery along the winding country roads was gorgeous. We would top hill after hill and gaze at the ribbon of pavement dropping steeply into a valley, banked by green grass and pine trees with drifts of muted autumn splendor — all against the backdrop of the blue foothills of the Appalachians.

Unfortunately, I left my camera at home, so the pictures are recorded only in my mind. 🙂

In our front yard

Back home again, our woods also are glowing with soft autumn colors. They aren’t brilliant colors this year due to the extreme heat this past summer. But they still delight me.

The little neglected

Scraggly harvest

garden is, for all purposes, done. I must get motivated to pull up the irrigation system, clean the scraggly plants out, and put the garden to bed for the winter.

I’ve felt an increasing need to spend time on my ukulele with the longer, cooler nights. Also feel drawn to my neglected tatting.

Amazingly the peppers are still putting on blooms and tiny peppers that have no chance to ripen.

We have found a Casita. It’s an older one, but has been well taken care of and is in good condition. We won’t be able to get it for a while as the guy has to move his stuff into his new camper and have a couple of maintenance issues taken care of.

I am so hoping we will have it in time to go home for Thanksgiving. I am planning to rearrange it a bit and do some upholstering. But that won’t take long.

So, another lesson in patient endurance… I really didn’t think I needed any more of them! 🙂

Straggly bok choy in a bed of weeds 🙂

A wee bit of lettuce left

A few beans remain

A ripening tomato here and there on the dying vines.

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  1. Here’s hoping this is the Casita that comes home with you! Sounds like you have lots of plans in mind for it/her.


    • Terry, I’ll be modding the Spirit floor plan into a twin plan with storage between the two. I think we are going to love it!


  2. Great news that you found your Casita!!! Can’t wait to see it. (Isn’t North Alabama just gorgeous?).


    • Kim, the Casita has a few years on it. I’ll need to PoliGlow it. But as long as it is structurally sound, I’ll be thrilled with it.

      North Alabama has to be the South’s best kept secret. It IS gorgeous!


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