Tatting Cards, Hummingbirds & Clouds

Tatted Christmas tree card

I got another Christmas card tatted.  This is the same tree I used on a card last year.  I looked and looked for a pattern I liked better, but couldn’t find one.  It’s a freebie from Be-stitched.com.

My next card project will be a Monica Hahn angel.  I just have to figure out how to modify the pattern so it has large rounded wings instead of the pointy wings Monica uses.  I have an idea of what I want to do, so will see if it works.  Here’s a photo of what her original patterns look like.

Monica Hahn's Christmas Angels tatting pattern book

The hummingbird aerial fights around our feeder are a sight to behold!  There are five who are much more interested in keeping each other away from the feeder than they are in actually sipping the nectar!  They beak slam, body slam, and dive bomb each other and are ferocious little fighters!

I could put up more feeders and that would cut down the fighting.  But my guilty little secret is that my primary motive in hanging the feeder is not to keep the little critters from going hungry.  It’s mainly for our entertainment in watching the amazing defensive and offensive shenanigans of these exquisite little aerial warriors!

River of mackerel clouds

The other day as I sat on the back deck, I was intrigued by a narrow river of very high mackerel clouds moving rapidly above (seemingly between) the normal cumulus clouds.  They were rushing so fast that it looked like a stream racing along within its sky banks.  My photo doesn’t capture the movement and the river illusion.


  1. That tree on the card is so festive!


  2. Thanks, Gina!

    I saw your Monica Hahn angel the other day. Love the blues and beads!


  3. The tatting cards are so lovely and give more meaning than the store bought ones. I bet your angel will be pretty too.
    I think since I will be leaving here next month I should stop feeding the hummers so they can find another source of food. I don’t think they stay here all winter since it gets very cold.
    And the clouds are neat , I love taking pictures of clouds especially storm clouds.


    • I’ve wondered when I should take the feeder down, too. I’m thinking for this area probably the end of October at the latest.

      I read that when hummingbirds migrate they can fly 500 miles over the Gulf of Mexico without stopping. They lose half their body weight.

      Yes, storm clouds are endlessly fascinating! 🙂


  4. Gail

     /  September 15, 2011

    The Christmas card is magnificent!


  5. Glad you like it! The little red bows really dressed it up, didn’t they?


  6. hope

     /  September 16, 2011

    Hi. Just checking in from the library’s computer. You do good work.


  7. You card is so pretty!! Nice Job!
    Monica Hahn has many pretty patterns in this book!
    I enjoy watching the hummingbirds too.


    • Thanks, Carol. I do love Monica’s designs. I did her 5 pointed Star of Leaves last year.

      Hummingbirds are fascinating, aren’t they? If I had a better camera, I would probably try to make some videos of their antics to share!


  8. I understand about enjoying the hummingbird show. A hummingbird was attracted to a flowering bush near my front door this past summer- I’m seriously considering getting a hummingbird feeder next year!


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