Tatted Christmas Candle

Christmas card with tatted candle motif

I finally got the tatted candle done.  It’s one of Nancy Tracy’s free patterns.

I made a few changes on it.  The original pattern had a smaller flame.  I also had a few problems following the pattern, but am not sure if it was me or the pattern.  I ripped out errors a couple of times… and those little white ribbons are covering a couple more that I didn’t feel like redoing.  🙂

This motif took me a lot longer to do than the wreath motif in an earlier post.  So I’ll probably not use it on any more of my Christmas cards.  At least, not this year.

Today was the last of our +100 degree days for the year, I hope.  Tropical Storm Lee is supposed to bring us significantly cooler temperatures and around 5″ of much needed rain.

Today I went outside and reassured our heat-stressed trees that rain is on the way!

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  1. Your tatting is beautiful. I’m sure you do need my address for the holidays! Although, I am in Arizona for Christmas and hot red chili’s might be in!

    All I can say is wow to the temps and wow to the rain.
    Enjoy all….


  2. I could probably tat a red hot chili with a green stem and a white bow in celebration of your Arizona Christmas! 🙂


  3. So glad you have some ‘free’ time to tat! Great job on the candle! I applaud your goal of putting actual tatting on your cards. I’m amazed how many tatters do that!

    We’ve had temps ‘only’ in the 90s here in Pittsburgh. Too hot for me! Grateful for air conditioning!


    • Kathy, we are retired and I am blessed with a little more free time than most. If I was working full time, I doubt I’d get any tatting done!

      I have often thanked God for air conditioning. The 90’s in Pittsburgh are probably equivalent to the 100’s here, since we are a little better adapted to extreme heat down here.

      Anyway, it looks like the worst is over for the year. YAY! 🙂


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