Pending Sale on the Aliner

I have a pending deal on the Aliner.   (Thanks, God!)  🙂

I’ll know for sure if it goes through Thursday.

It’s a Dad looking for a father-son project.  I’ve sent them photos of all the bad things and they still want it.  So I’ve taken the ad down.

If the sale falls through, I’ll repost the ad Friday.


  1. Kathy N.

     /  August 23, 2011

    Via the tatting blogs, I’ve been following your ‘up and down’ saga of your A-liner for awhile now! I’m a tatter who is also loves to travel, but I have to admit I’m a motel person! I admire your spirit of adventure, and am fascinated by your tips on packing, living and cooking in small spaces! My goal is to eat healthy but inexpensively while on a car trip. I ‘demand’ a refrigerator and microwave at motels! But iti’s a trick to keep food cool in a car, especially when sightseeing for a few hours and leaving the car locked.

    I’m amazed at the work you’ve put into the A-liner (and your knowledge of how to do all those things!) I was exhausted reading about the latest attempts at fixing all those major items!! Made my head spin! I barely know where the fuse box is in the house!!

    I was actually relieved you put it up for sale, and hope you’re successful!
    You need a ‘fresh’ start, and hope you find a wonderful ‘new’ camper, so you can ENJOY all your fun adventures again! You’ve been very candid about the joys and frustrations of ‘camping’ on the road..

    Your tatting is excellent. I’ve enjoyed seeing your projects!


  2. Who says prayer doesn’t work! Fantastic….


  3. Kathy, thanks so much for letting me know you read and enjoyed my camping escapades.

    I have always loved tiny spaces since I was a kid building tiny cabins with blankets hung from the top bunk bed, or building a fort out in the woods of old jalousie windows! And the best thing in the world is to have my own tiny safe space parked somewhere gorgeous with lots of beautiful places to explore.

    I really did plan to rebuild the Aliner, but I just couldn’t bring myself to tackle it again, especially knowing that the skylights also need replacing. I feel such a sense of relief knowing that I don’t have to do it!

    I am looking forward to getting another tiny camper, only the next time it will hopefully be molded fiberglass. They have so few maintenance issues that it should bring the pleasure back to camping.

    @Gwen – there was a lot of prayer going up from all of my sisters, too! I feel so confident that if this deal falls through, the perfect buyer is right in line behind him. 🙂


  4. Linda

     /  April 17, 2012

    My neighbor just bought an aliner and we thought we wanted one, but we’re new to this, and maybe there’s a better way to go. What do you recommend in a small camper? By the way, I’m a tatter, too!


    • Linda, good to hear from you. Aliners are cute. I love the concept. But there is no way I would ever own another one. The quality is just too shoddy. The skylights will crack from UV damage and the trailers age rapidly. Our 2005 Casita looks almost new. Our 2007 Aliner was really ready for nothing but the junk yard when we sold it.

      If you are looking for quality and something that will resell for close to what you pay for it, I’d check out molded fiberglass trailers — Casita (my first love), Escape (expensive) or Scamp (costs less and a little lower quality). There’s a new manufacturer called ParkLiner. I’ve heard good things about them, too. There’s another new manufacturer who makes Lil Snoozy. I was interested in one, but got one of those inexplicable “don’t buy it” gut warnings, so I passed on it.

      If you buy a stick built trailer instead of molded fiberglass, I have heard good things about Lance.

      We thought the Aliner would tow better because it folds down. We discovered that the Casita actually tows better than the Aliner did. And it’s rounded corners allow us to see the traffic behind us, unlike the boxy Aliner that completely obscured our rear view.

      Good luck which ever trailer you decide on. The important thing is to get one you like and get out camping and traveling in it! 🙂


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