Being Thankful

Miniscule red algae blooms on lichen (I think)

I am making a conscious effort to slow down, live totally in today, and enjoy the small glories that lie hidden in plain sight all around me.

I went treasure hunting late yesterday afternoon, and I found the motherlode!Ā  Here are a few photos:

Tomatoes to be

Mossy pillows

Denizens of the Fifth Kingdom

Scrumptious delights in the making

Living gemstones

Fragrant, living rubies

A newborn pine tree


  1. Karen

     /  July 17, 2011

    Oh what beauties you see in the slow down mode. Good lesson for me to see. Your pictures are wonderful even if the bunny ate what was not his to eat. Karen in OR


    • Karen, glad you saw the wonder in them. I felt a little silly writing such romantic descriptions of everyday things, but that really was the magical frame of mind I was in! šŸ™‚


  2. Slowing down and noticing things is a real enjoyment of life. Glad you are doing this šŸ™‚


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