The Project

I have dreaded this project for so long.  Now that I’ve actually begun it, it is no big deal.  Just another project.  🙂

The floor by the door after removing a couple of tiles.

I waited until around 6:00 p.m. to start so the heat wouldn’t be so brutal.  Originally I had planned to get beneath the trailer and remove the staples that attach the aluminum siding to the underside of the floor.  But the staples were so deeply embedded that I couldn’t get them out.

So I moved to the inside of the trailer.  I didn’t have a power screw driver, so sent Ron to the store to get one.  It won’t be ready to use until it’s fully charged tomorrow.  But I managed to disassemble and remove the bed on one side with a manual screw driver.

I’m glad the project is underway.  Not sure exactly where I’m going, but I will make it up as I go along!  🙂


  1. Looks like a big job ahead!


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