I decided that if I want to camp, I’ll just have to buckle down and rebuild the Aliner.  I’m finally at peace (resigned) to that mammoth undertaking.

But first, I decided I need to get my house organized and really clean.  I have soap making supplies, tatting and sewing supplies, music books, wild edible plant and mushroom identification books…. things that relate to all of my varied interests tucked here and there in places where I can usually find them, but they are terribly disorganized.

So I started organizing today, and to my surprise, it’s turning into a fun and very rewarding project!  I feel so good at accomplishing things I’ve kept putting off for the longest.

I figure I’ll be a few more days on the house, then I need to give the garden some TLC, trim a too bushy tree out front… then it will be time to start working on the camper.

It feels so good to be doing something constructive instead of pining away because I can’t get the camper I want NOW.  Amazing that it is taking me so long to grow up!




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  1. You go girlfriend!


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