Vet & Sushi

This morning we took Sunny to the vet.  Extreme eye irritation from ingrowing hairs has caused significant problems.  There is a badly swollen blood vessel running into the middle of his eye.  We have him on steroid eye drops to reduce the swelling, and will take him back for further evaluation when the drops are gone.

The doctor did say that the problem is impacting Sunny’s vision.  But he can still see to get around.   “And,” the vet added, “Dogs don’t need to read the newspaper.”

If he were a younger dog, we might consider surgery to help restore the lost vision.  But at his age, and on our retirement income, we will probably just try to age gracefully together.  🙂

This evening I decided it would be fun to do something different for dinner, so I made sushi.  It turned out surprisingly well.

Ron said if I weren’t such a good cook, he might be upset at the mess I made in the kitchen though.  (Our retirement routine has me doing the cooking, while he does dishes.)

Still hotter than blazes, but I am happy and content tonight.

And loving, LOVING my uke!


1 Comment

  1. Ann

     /  June 8, 2011

    Sushi? You are very brave!


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