No Camping for a While

Searing temperatures for the foreseeable future.


Several things have converged to paint this summer as a disappointing non-camping event.

One is the searing heat.  It’s the beginning of June and already we are experiencing the worst of midsummer temperatures.

Secondly is that the floor in the Aliner has completely  rotted out again.  I can stand in the shower and the floor dips toward the edge of the trailer.  We have to step over an 8 inch rotted area inside the door.  And the floor under the water heater and refrigerator is mushy.

What makes this seem like an impossible hurdle to me is that I gutted the trailer a couple of years ago and treated the floor with PC Petrifier, which is supposed to plasticize rotten wood and keep it from further deterioration.  Too late I learned that I should have used clear penetrating epoxy sealer funneled into the wood.  Or better yet, I should just have replaced the whole floor at that point.

Also, I thought I had the leaks fixed, but very obviously I didn’t.

Additionally, the trailer is 4-1/2 years old and the edges of the skylights are cracking from UV damage.  I have some of the cracks fixed with epoxy, but the Georgia sun has done a number on the Lexan.  Those bubble skylights are expensive to replace, and I would need 3 of them.

So I’ve decided to cut my losses on the trailer.  I’m not dumping any more money into it.  Hopefully I can replace it in a few months with a molded fiberglass trailer that has a reputation for quality, like Casita or Scamp.

If not, our camping days are over.

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  1. Ack…sorry you are having problems with your rig. Keep smiling though. Things can work out in ways we wouldn’t even dream of!


  2. Ann

     /  June 2, 2011

    Advertise and sell it as a fixer-up. Some one will want it.


  3. gail

     /  June 3, 2011

    Betcha ten bucks you will have a new one by year end! 🙂


  4. so sorry to hear of your continuing difficulties with the A-Liner … I hope you come out of the situation OK, and are able to continue camping … good luck, and God bless you and yours … jimmy & sybil, the wonder dog


  5. ukulefty

     /  June 4, 2011

    Ahh man that’s not good, but probably a good idea to cut your losses and invest in a better quality one! Definitely try and sell it as a resto to reclaim some losses and start the new trailer fund though! Good luck with it!

    Don’t give up on the camping adventures just yet.


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