Mom’s Birthday

Our Gypsy camp at Mom's place. Mom is the person on the left to the right of Jerry's new toy.

Today was Mom’s 80th birthday.  The first picture shows our gypsy camp at Mom’s place with Daddy’s tool shed in the background and Jerry’s new toy — a 1982 Mercedes convertible in the foreground.

Today was another scorcher, but there was a slight breeze, so we alternated between squeezing into Mom’s house and sitting outside under the big live oak tree.

Cecil, AJ, Gail and Jerry

Gail and Mike, Ron and I, Jerry, AJ and Hope were all here today. I think Mom had a wonderful day.  Also a family member who doesn’t want to be mentioned on my blog.  Lots of love, cards, gifts and good food.  But having so many of her widely scattered family members here was the biggest thing to her.

The guys

Gail and Mike came up with a way to run the air conditioner in their van until they can do a more permanent installation.

We did tell Mom that if next May is as hot as this one, we will skip the trip to Florida until cooler weather arrives, but we will send her very nice cards.  😀

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