Mystery Plant Parasite Identified.

Mystery parasite identified thanks to Lisa Ames at UGA.

I received an email from Lisa Ames at UGA this evening that identified the strange red formations on the leaves in yesterday’s post.  Here’s her reply:


I’m pretty sure these galls are galls of an eriophid mite (family Eriophydae) and I’m pretty sure that these are the species Eriophyes cerasicrumena. They make galls that look exactly like this on cherry trees (they look a little different on other types of trees), so my guess would be that both of the plants that you are showing are cherry trees of some kind and that the “flowering tree” is most likely a black cherry tree. I don’t know much about identifying trees, but based on the shape and color of the galls – which are distinctive on black cherry – I’m pretty sure that is what the “flowering tree” is.

Lisa Ames
Homeowner Insect & Weed Diagnostics Lab
UGA Griffin Campus

So, mystery solved!  Thanks to Ms. Ames and UGA!

And I can’t believe I didn’t recognize the tree as a black cherry!

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