Picot Overkill

Giant picot overkill?

I love picots.  Big picots.  Giant picots!

But I think I finally overdid it with this tatted motif.  The huge picots detract from the design and it just looks a bit messy.

Lyn Morton would be horrified to see what I did to her beautiful pattern!  🙂

I made several mistakes, missed a couple of joins, and experienced two disasters while tatting it.  The “Tips and Tricks” in Mary Konior’s Visual Patterns book came to my rescue.  (If you are a new tatter, her “Tips and Tricks” alone are worth the price of the book.)

Using her instructions, I was able to open a ring easily and untat my mistakes as simply as untatting a chain.  And I used her weaver’s knot to rescue a broken thread that only had about 1/3″ tail remaining.

So it was a learning experience on several levels…. one of which is be careful when you change the length of the chains in the center because it definitely impacts how the rest of the pattern fits together!

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  1. Not being a tatter I have to say I like your colors and the intricate design I see lurking through your pattern. Glad you were able to fix your boo-boos.


    • Thanks, Gwen. That’s encouraging! I just started tatting in September, so I appreciate your comment about the colors and the design!


  2. I’m not generally a fan of big picots or LOTS of picots but this look great and actually…if there are any mistakes, the picots hide them. LOL! It just looks frilly and girly. that’s all.


    • Gina, your comment makes me feel a LOT better about it. I was comparing it to the picture in the book, and it definitely doesn’t look like the same pattern!

      But if you can’t see the mistakes, and don’t think it looks messy, I will take a fresh look at it!


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