Spring creeps into my yard

Daffodils in our front yard

Spring is finally making herself at home in our yard.  I thought I’d share a few photos I took this afternoon.

Front view of their sweet faces

Crabapple buds

This one is ready to pop open

In an EarthBox, onions bloom

Little wild henbit flowers

And then my new camera ran out of memory, so I will have to order more this evening.

Ron and I definitely decided last night that we will order a Casita Liberty Deluxe travel trailer this fall.  It’s the only one that meets our need for excellent, lasting quality in a size that we can tow with our 6 cylinder Chevy pickup.

Now that the decision is made, the pressure is off.  Just have to pay off the Aliner and save up a nice down payment!

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  1. Spring flowers! Yay. I remember being in the snow and seeing these crocus pop their heads out and hope sprang eternal! Winter will say goodbye soon.
    We have seen many Casitas out and about in our travels. Cute RV’s! So glad you are happy about the decision. Yeah…more time on the road.


  2. It’s amazing what flowers can do for the human spirit! They really are little harbingers of hope, aren’t they? 🙂

    We had considered the Scamp 5th wheel very seriously, but read one too many posts about leaking belly bands and other things that bothered us. I’ve been following the Casita forums for years, and they are the happiest group of owners I have found. Fewer complaints than even Airstream!

    We will do our best to wear out the Aliner before the Casita arrives! We are already planning our April trip to West Point Lake COE for a week or so.

    So good to hear from you again!


  3. Congrats on your decision to get a Casita – and a Liberty at that. Love that floorplan! We got a new LD in 2008 & have never regretted it. In fact, getting home after using it for camping, traveling, or visiting (for a weekend or several weeks) has never felt the same since. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed making numerous modifications & slowly acquiring equipment to make full-timing and boondocking just as good as “home”. We’re in the process now of seriously ‘downsizing’ to make the leap within a few months to hit the road full-time. You can read about our trips, mistakes, & modifications on my blog (www.CasitaEscapes.blogspot.com). Hope to see you along the trail sometime.

    ~~ Glenda ~~


    • Glenda, we bounced back and forth trying to decide between a 17′ Casita or a Scamp 5th wheel. But I finally read one too many posts about quality problems with Scamps, so decided that I’d rather have a trailer built by people who truly care about their customers.

      I thought I’d have an argument with my husband about the LD over the FD, but the open layout and big windows won him over without my having to try to convince him!

      We want to get the awning, and eventually a screen room. We do dream of full timing, but right now the housing market has us in a major bind, so we may just have to semi-fulltime.

      Either way, we will be on the road!

      I’ve enjoyed your blog, and am off to take another peek at it!


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