Indian Springs and Oldest Camper

View of the Aliner from the lake's edge

Nice weather finally arrived today–the sun came out!  We were comfortable outside wearing light jackets.

On the way to town today, we passed a gorgeous camellia tree bursting with red blossoms.  I told Ron to be sure to stop on the way back so I could get a photo.

I shot the photo, perched on the edge on a steep ditch bank, teetering precariously,  to keep from trespassing on the people’s yard.  But oh, what a sight those red flowers were after our gray and brown winter!

Back at the campground, we met a new neighbor.  Her name is Mrs. Thompson, she is 89 years old, and this is her first camping trip.  Her 19 year old dog, Shorty, accompanied her.  She is here with her daughter, a retired school teacher.

First time campers -- Mrs. Thompson, 89, and her dog Shorty, 19


Red camellia tree in Jackson, GA


  1. Ann

     /  March 7, 2011

    Camping at 89! Wow! I’ll bet she’s not primitive camping in a tent, though!


  2. No, she’s with her daughter in a very nice looking travel trailer.

    Actually, she ended up spending the night with a friend of hers in the area, so I guess you could say she day camped here. 🙂


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