Cold, windy day at Indian Springs State Park

Ron and Sunny near the spring house

Today was chilly with cold wind, so we didn’t spend a lot of time outside.

We did get out and look around the park.  There is much history here, but I’m not energetic enough to type it all out this evening.  The stone buildings, as is common in state parks in the region, were built by the CCC under Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The swimming and boating areas are beautiful.  Picnic shelters and areas are very

The spring house

The spring itself with a whopping 1 gallon per minute output 🙂

Swimming/boating area

Picnic tables near the spring

One of the picnic pavilions

Playground near the swimming beach

More of the stone buildings built by the CCC

attractive, and there is a nice playground for children, as well as miniature golf and a museum in season.  Unfortunately, it’s not in season now.  🙂

The spring, touted (and marketed) in the past as having medicinal powers, puts out an underwhelming one gallon per minute year round.  Even so, in the early 1820’s, the area grew into a resort community.

An illegal treaty that dispossessed the Creek Indians of their Georgia lands was signed here, as was a later legal treaty.

According to park literature, the mineral spring has been open to the public since 1825, making it the oldest state park in the nation.  But there is also a warning in the brochure that the water is not potable!




  1. Thank you. I really enjoyed seeing these things thru your eyes. Is your little camper plenty cool enough in the summer and warm enough in the winter? I am from Texas and it gets really hot. I am thinking about buying a little aliner. Just sold my big 5th wheel and 3/4 ton dodge truck. Happy trails my friends, jo


    • Jo, glad you enjoyed my perspective on the campground. 🙂

      The little camper can be cooled — eventually — if you are parked in the shade and close all of the window shades. I really don’t think it would could keep up with Texas heat in the summer, though. In the winter it is easy to heat with a small ceramic heater, but the floor is not insulated, so throw rugs help make it more comfortable.

      You might want to check out Casitas. They are built in Texas and have an excellent reputation for quality. That’s what I want to get when I can afford one. 🙂


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