The Deep South

Snow in the Deep South

Our deck this morning

The Deep South feels more like a deep freeze today!

We put Sunny out to do his business last evening.  He made it a couple of feet plowing through chest-deep snow before he turned around and came back in.

I tried to get him to go on paper–or even in the shower where it could be easily cleaned.  But he absolutely refused.

This morning he was desperate.  Again I opened the door, but when he saw the snow, he was not about to venture out in it.  Finally I bundled up and carried him outside and put him under the camper where there was no snow.

He was a very grateful little dog!  So until some of this snow melts, it looks like we will be carrying him out to the trailer every few hours!

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  1. Ann

     /  January 10, 2011

    Sunny wants his elevator service! Smart doggie! The yard looks so cold!!!


  2. He has us very well trained! 🙂


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