Tatting Pattern Source

I found the source of the flower bookmark pattern in my last post!

Rexie, (here’s her website) very graciously wrote me with answers to my questions.  The pattern is from the book Tatting Treats Three.  I found it online several places, but since I love Handy Hands Tatting, here is a link to it at that site.

I am ordering the book tonight.  It will be so good to be able to tat it legally!

If you missed my last post, here is the photo of the bookmark that Rexie tatted:

Bookmark tatted by Rexie. The pattern is from the book Tatting Treats Three.

Thank you, Rexie!


P.S.:  I just ordered the book, along with some other stuff I HAD to have!  🙂


  1. Rita

     /  December 4, 2011

    I got to this wonderful blog because I want to learn to tat–I already crochet and knit but tatting looks too beautiful not to know! My aunt Inez, my grandmother’s sister and gone now, tatted, but I was just a little girl and didn’t know enough to ask her to teach me–wouldn’t she have loved to know a little girl admired her skills! But when I got here, I was entranced with the little rv information–my husband and I are looking at these little guys. I’m going to keep track of the Casita, which is what looks good to me. Thanks for a thoroughly entertaining blog.


    • Rita, so glad to have you here! My grandmother tried to teach me when I was very young, but I couldn’t pick it up then. I believe that she would be very happy to see me tatting now… even using one of her heirloom shuttles. 🙂

      We just love our little Casita. We are camping at Manatee Springs tonight and met another Casita owner a little earlier this evening. He said there were three other Casitas here this weekend!

      If you don’t mind small, compact spaces, you would probably love the Casita. The quality is far above what I have seen in other small trailers.

      Be sure and let me know if you get one. I’d love to see pictures. 🙂


  2. Rita

     /  February 28, 2012

    I tried and tried and *pfllicht* never could make it work 😦 So I got some nice thread and I’m crocheting again. I made some neat hats to go over the mouth of a drink bottle–a baseball cap and a bonnet and fancy sun hats etc. They’re a big hit and keep the flies out of your drink. I also made a bunch of doily type coasters from all different primary colors. Very bright and fun to have around. I’m getting ready to make small strips, about 3/8″ wide, from silky fabric leftovers. I”m going to roll it up in balls–a mixture of all colors–and knit neck warmers. I’m hoping these will work well for not-so-cold weather when you still need a little something. Also, I’m hoping they’ll be a nice accessory. I’m going to knit them mobius style. I’ll see how they turn out. And, on top of all that, I’ve got some fabric ready to make some summer clothes.

    We’re in Oregon and summers are short here. But we’ve been blessed with lovely spring-like weather lately that went down the tubes this week and there is snow on the ground and a winter storm warning for the next 2 days–sewing hot weather clothes is a nice way to spend a snowy winter day!

    Dreaming of spring in the South! Enjoy it!


    • Hi, Rita,

      Don’t feel bad. I couldn’t get tatting to work either, so I switched to needle tatting at first. It is REALLY easy, so if you are still interested, Hobby Lobby carries needle tatting books and the needles. Or you can order them online. There are also youtube videos showing how to do it.

      If you were closer, I would give you my tatting needles as I no longer use them.

      But crochet is gorgeous, too, and you can do so many pretty things with it. I never heard of the bottle hats. I bet they are cute! And it would be so nice not to worry about bugs getting in your drinks! 🙂

      I would love to see how the silky fabric strips work up. It sounds like it would be unusual and very attractive.

      So sorry you got hit by winter weather — especially after basking in nice weather for a while. Hope it passes soon and you can wear those hot weather clothes!


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