Texas Next Week

It is COLD here.  Tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 27, with a low of 14.  I’m sure it doesn’t sound cold to a lot of you, but as a Florida native living in Georgia, it’s brutal!

We are planning to visit my sister and brother-in-law in Texas next week.  We plan to leave Sunday the 19th and make a leisurely trip of it.  I talked to my sister yesterday and she said it was 75 degrees there!

So we will de-winterize the Aliner’s water system after we get on the road and into warmer temperatures.  If we can, we’ll do it at a campground.  If not, we’ll just wait until we get to Gail’s house.

We’ll be driveway camping while we are there.  Fortunately it’s okay where she lives!


  1. you live in Georgia? LOL! Our temps have been ranging from overnight lows of 0 to 14 degrees. Those are January/February temps, not December normally so we’re all feeling out of kilter too!


  2. We had a couple of nights with lows around 13 and 14 with highs in the 20’s. Definitely not normal Georgia temperatures. But Florida got it, too!

    I had read a long term forecast that said the Southeast was going to have a mild winter. I’m still hoping the rest of it will be!

    Today is supposed to get into the 50’s with rain. The next few days are supposed to get up into the high 40’s. It will feel like summer!

    Hope your holidays are so much fun that you forget the weather! 🙂


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