Perfect Day Today!

Today was one of those rare, absolutely perfect days.  The weather was sunny and warm — short sleeves warm — with just enough of a breeze to keep it from being hot.

We went to Mom’s church with her this morning.  It was their 91st homecoming.  They had a Southern Gospel group with okay music, and they presented a nice sermon, too.  It was especially good seeing Mom’s pastor again.  He has been there for 26 years.  So he has married, buried, dedicated babies, counseled, visited hospitals, and been an integral part of the congregation’s lives for a long time.

His wife died a while back.  He remarried a widow whose husband had been a pastor, and I was thrilled to see that they appear happy together.

I had a precious visit with my sister Hope this afternoon.  She had the windows open.  We could hear a neighbor using a chainsaw in the distance, and it was such a pleasant sound to us.  It reminded of other sounds that we love.  One of our favorites was Grandpa Mayo’s tractor during drowsy summer afternoon nap times  when we were kids.

Then this evening we watched The Sound of Music at Mom’s.  It had been so many years (decades) since I had seen it that I had forgotten a lot of it.  So it was almost like seeing it new again.

After that, I went back over to Hope’s and we watched TV together for a while.

I am feeling GREAT for the first time in a long time, so everything is fun again.

Tonight there is a beautiful full moon.   It couldn’t be a more perfect ending to a perfect day.

I have been working on my shuttle tatting.  I have started one project over three times, and finally have a good start on it.  But I am doing just as much retro-tatting (picking out mistakes) as I am constructing the piece!

Once in a while I ask myself if it is worth it, when needle tatting is so much faster and easier.  But the feel and quality of shuttle tatting is so much nicer.  So yes, I think it is worth it.  And I keep plodding away at it.

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  1. Shuttle tatting takes practice. But eventually it becomes automatic and the tension and motions all fall into place. Needle tatting IS faster and easier but I’d still take the shuttle over the needle any day.


    • Gina, I couldn’t believe the difference in the feel of shuttle tatting. All of the bookmarks and other small projects I needle tatted feel floppy now. I don’t think that the shuttle tatted one will need any additional stiffening.

      It is getting easier, and I catch myself working automatically for short periods of time. That’s a wonderful feeling! 🙂


  2. Hope

     /  November 21, 2010

    Thanks for the honor…


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