Going to the Shop

I talked with the people at the RV repair shop today.  The only reason they can think of why my water heater may have rusted out so badly is that I could have run some bad water through it.  I had wondered if maybe some kind of industrial fumes could have caused it.  But I’m not aware of having parked around anything like that.

We use water from everywhere in the camper, so I have no idea where we could have picked up something corrosive in it.  We’ve never parked the camper at the beach, so it can’t be salt air.

In any case, I have an appointment to take the Aliner into the shop Monday to have the wiring on the new water heater hooked up.  I should have it back by mid week.

And then we will go camping.


  1. patrice chardain

     /  October 6, 2010

    Hi glad your water heater is all set and working.
    suburban heaters are equiped with an anode rod
    which protects against corrosive water however
    I have never heard of such rapid tank failure.If I
    get more info. I will forward it to you.




  2. Hi, Patrice,

    Yes, I know about the anode rod. Ours still looked good, only it was covered with a thick white layer of minerals to the point you couldn’t see the metal of the rod.

    My mother has very hard water, and we camp down there two or three times a year. I am wondering if it is her water that caused the problem?

    Anyway, if you do hear a possible explanation for the rapid tank failure, I’d sure appreciate hearing about it. I want to make sure it doesn’t happen again!


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