New Water Heater, Storage & Tatted Cat

Aliner under bed storage

Aliner underbed storage. The three drawer chest was taken out to allow easier access for the new water heater installation.

We got the old water heater out of the Aliner and the new one slid into place today.  That part was an easy job.

The difficult part was prying the mounting collar off the old unit and getting the old sealant off it.

We ran out of daylight on our project, so Ron taped plastic over the hole in the trailer.  And we are taking turns scraping the old sealant off the mounting collar tonight.  We are almost to the stage where GooGone spray gel will work.

View of right side storage

This photo shoes the shoe space in front of the converter, a clothes basket, with additional storage beside it.

Then tomorrow I’ll prime and paint it, and we can finish the installation.

I thought you might be interested in seeing a picture of our under bed storage since we have the bed boards and mattresses out until the water heater installation is complete.

All the space on the left is storage, except for the small area where my three stage smart charger and solar controller are mounted.  The controller is on that side because the plugin for my solar panel is on the exterior on that side.  The smart charger is there because that’s where the RV shop put it!

The rear right houses the water heater and water tank.  Next is the converter, which has space for shoe storage in front of it.  Then there is space for Ron’s clothes basket and a plastic box that holds toilet chemicals and such.  And in winter, the little ceramic heater fits in front of the plastic box.

tatted cat

Tatted kitty kat

Last night I worked on tatting an angel.  I started over four times before finally recognizing that the pattern was too advanced for me.  So I switched to a kitty.  The original pattern is by Nancy Taylor at  But her pattern was for an elegant Aristokitty, and I wanted a more ordinary looking cat.  So I used the body and tail part of the pattern, eliminated the chops, and made the head a little bigger.

The fan and kitty will be used on a purse for my granddaughter.  I need to tat one more motif, then I plan to make some pretty beaded edging for it.  I’ll post a picture when it’s completed.


  1. Peggy

     /  September 29, 2010

    Wow, you have been busy……….and your storage space is great. Did you change the configuration any when you did the bed mod’s Sharon? Ours is a full size permanent bed, with a board from wheel well to wheel well that is full of all the electrical, etc. Plus the previous owner moved the battery inside and that took up more room. I love how you can “walk” between the storage/bed area, that has to be so very convenient. You have everything so nice……and organized.

    I love the tatted kitty, it really turned out pretty. Can’t wait to see the pic’s when you are done.

    We are leaving (fingers crossed) Friday for a camping trip to NY (Finger Lake region)…..can’t wait to go, this will be our longest time camping in the A since we bought it this year. I think I am going to have to make a list……of my lists!! haha
    I keep reading over your pantry tips, etc, they are very helpful.

    Have fun with the tatting…….and you are almost done with the water heater.
    Again, I am impressed!!


  2. Hi, Peggy,

    I left everything pretty much where it was when I did the mods. The only thing I did was tore out the old sofa bed, built the new twin beds, and added the three-drawer chest between them.

    I liked the kitty, too. I was thrilled that it turned out, especially since I made changes to the pattern.

    I’ve never been to that part of New York, but I have read that it’s beautiful. I hope the weather is gorgeous for you!

    Don’t stress over lists too much. If you forget something, you can always pop into a Walmart or grocery store and get what you need.

    Just concentrate on having fun and soaking in the beauty you’ll find up there!


  3. stillhere

     /  September 29, 2010

    I copied the cat for my pic file.


  4. Glad you visited, stillhere. 🙂

    It is a cutie, isn’t it?


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