Needlework & Shorter Days

tatting practice

Tatted practice pieces

Although our days are still in the 90’s and high 80’s, the nights are getting cooler, and the days are noticeably shorter.

So I am working on learning tatting in the evenings.   I am getting the hang of it, but have a lot to learn about tensioning my stitches.  It is fun to play with — to see these amazing patterns that are made of nothing but half hitch knots develop!

I bought some tiny little girls purses and tote bags for adults to decorate with tatting for Christmas gifts.  It sure is a lot more fun to make gifts than to go out and try to find something appropriate to buy.  I do hope that the recipients will like them.

little girl's denim purse

A little girl's denim purse that will be festooned with tatted motifs and lace.

A start on an afghan to match Ron's

My afghan-in-the-making

I am also working on an afghan for myself to match one that I made for Ron last year.  They are twin-bed sized.  And they are great in the Aliner for putting over a blanket when we camp in cold weather.  So when I get this finished, our little camper beds will match again!

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  1. Peggy

     /  September 23, 2010

    Wow, I am so impressed!!! The purse idea for Christmas is wonderful, and I agree that a gift from the hands and heart is much more special. And more frugal, so good job Sharon! (tiny knots sound like tons of patience… lol)
    Now about that afghan, since our Aliner’s are almost the exact color scheme, I will be glad to “test/store” it for you….LOL. I love the colors you are using, would you consider sharing them so I can COPY your idea…..haha!
    We camped at Mt Pisgah (Blue Ridge Parkway) this past weekend for 2 nights (close to where we live) and it was wonderful. Love the Aliner more everytime I go inside of it….lol.
    This is only the 2nd time we have been able to use it, hoping to change that this fall. But I read several of your blog post’s before we left, they are such a help……..what to take, where to store, etc.
    Thanks so much, from a reader who loves your blog!! P


    • Hi, Peggy,

      Great to hear from you!

      I’m learning so much on the tatting. Got a wild strawberry motif done and decided on an adorable edging that has bunnies all around. I needed a kitty kat for the purse’s back pocket, but couldn’t find a pattern that would fit, so I made one up. It looks like something a first grader would draw, but it is cute, and since it’s for a very young granddaughter, it will work.

      I would be glad to share the colors I am using on the afghan. I bought the variegated yarn at Hobby Lobby. It’s “I Love This Yarn” #530/Green Camo Stripe. I got the other two at Walmart. The light green is Red Heart Color 0661 Frosty Green, and the dark green is Red Heart 0389 Hunter Green. I do 12 rows of variegated, 6 rows of light green, 12 rows of dark green, 6 rows of light green, and repeat that pattern.

      We didn’t make it to North Carolina in September as we planned, as we had to go to Florida for a funeral. But we are hoping to get up there in October.

      We absolutely love our Aliner, too. In fact, I go out to it several times a week just to be in it. I consider it a little mini home on wheels, and I feel like I am on vacation every time I go inside!

      So glad the packing tips helped you. It really makes getting away quick and easy when you have a simple system like that!

      I appreciate your comments on the blog. 🙂



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