Joanie’s Memorial Service

The sweet little church where Joan's memorial service was held

The sweet little church where Joanie's memorial service was held

Joanie’s memorial service was beautiful.  The little church was packed, but I didn’t think to take pictures of all of her and Jerry’s friends who attended.  I mainly concentrated on family photos.

Joan loved Pastor Butch, and judging from his remarks about her, he loved her, too, and knew her well.  She and AJ had started attending that church before she met Jerry.  After she met Jerry, he started attending with her.  He fit right in and soon was teaching a Sunday School class.

Pastor Butch took several photos of all of us together, but the pictures came out too blurry to use.  He is a much better preacher than photographer!  🙂

Joanie and Jerry on their wedding day

Joannie and Jerry on their wedding day.

Pastor Butch

Joan's beloved Pastor Butch

Andrea and AJ

Joan's children, Andrea and AJ

Cecil, Jeannie and Mom

Cecil, Jeannie and Mom

Mom, Danielle and Jerry

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