Sunsets at West Point Lake, GA

Sunset 1 at West Point Lake

A sunset at West Point Lake

We are home from our camping trip to West Point Lake now.  Since the days ranged from the low to high 90’s, we couldn’t do our normal camping activities like hiking, so we got bored.  It was the first time I have been anxious to return from a camping trip.

Sunset 2 over West Point Lake

Another glorious sunset

My best memories of the trip are the glorious sunsets.  All were shades of orange and mauve, but each was distinctive and unforgettable.  Long after the sun set, the gleaming colors lingered on the surface of the water.

One of three sunset shots over lake

First of three photos of this sunset

Shot 2 of 3

Second of three photos

Final shot of sunset 3

The last photo of the sunset the night before we left

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