Fishing near the dam

waves lapping at my feet

Clear water lapping at my feet

Today’s our last full day of camping.  I’m so sad to see it end… but so happy we’ve had this wonderful time out here.

This morning started out cloudy, but cleared up, and it was beautiful the rest of the day.

We tried fishing again down near the dam.  Still no luck.  The water down there is crystal clear, but it’s still a lot higher than normal, apparently.  I noticed that there were no minnows or small fish visible along the shore.  I guess there isn’t much to entice the bigger fish closer to land.

Flooded trees

Flooded trees near dam

Nevertheless, it was still fun casting in our lines, feeling the breeze, and soaking in the scenery.



Untangling my line

Had just untangled my line, and didn't notice Sunny's leg was hung on his chain!

We saw several geese families of various sizes, and different stages of growth.  I thought it was cool that the male and females were together with their young.

duck families

Geese families

wildflowers clinging to the bank

Wildflowers clinging to the bank

I took some photos of wildflowers along the road, but they didn’t turn out well enough to post.    There’s a white shrub that grows along the road that is in full bloom right now.  I wish I knew what it is called.  The fragrance is heavenly and intoxicating.

This evening I plan to cook crab cakes for dinner… maybe I’ll do some hush puppies, too, since it’s our last evening out here.

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