Rainy Monday

Today was the day for doing laundry and running into town for supplies.

We had heard that West Point had 4′ high sidewalks due to the floods they endured before the dam was built.  But we were rather underwhelmed by the town.  We saw some 2′ high sidewalks, but no 4′ ones.

We couldn’t find a restaurant that looked good in West Point, so we drove into LaGrange.  Didn’t find much there, either, so we stopped into a chain Chinese Peking restaurant, not expecting much.  We were surprised.

The staff was Chinese… in fact, they barely spoke English.  The service was superb, and the food, although the same dishes the chain serves everywhere else, was exquisitely prepared.   We really enjoyed our dinner.

campground ducks

Campground geese

I took the photo of the geese in the water yesterday, and the ones of them walking down the road today before the rain started.  That’s my only photo for today.

Tonight it’s raining.  Ron is curled up with a book and I am surfing.  Am thinking of bringing out the Scrabble game, but I don’t know if we could stand the excitement!  😀

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