Packing the Aliner – Part 2

In order to enjoy the Aliner and pack it successfully, you have to think like a backpacker.  There’s not room for “just in case items.”  You can only take what you really need, and you need to maximize usage of the items that you do take.

Think like a backpacker!

One large pan doubles as a frying pan and stew pot. A one quart stainless steel camping pot with folding handles nests inside its 2 quart mate.

I’ve found that one large skillet that can double as a stew pot, and two small nesting stainless steel camping pots are all the cookware I need.   We also have the little Weber gas grill for steaks and hamburgers, grilled veggies, etc.

aliner kitchen storage

Shows counter when we are camping, and then where we store the countertop items when the trailer is folded down for travel.

Kitchen countertop items are stowed in the sink and on the bed for travel.  Paper plates and plastic utensils are stored in the microwave.

Blankets and sheets are stored behind the pillows on the bed.

clothes storage under bed

Clothes are stored in baskets underneath the beds

Clothes are kept in baskets underneath the beds for easy access, and underwear and toiletries go in the little 3 drawer chest.  Shoes hide in a cubbyhole in front of the converter.  The electric heater by Ron’s clothes basket hides a tray of toilet chemicals.

3 drawer chest

The little drawer unit is for underwear and toiletries

A propane catalytic heater and laundry supplies, along with a plastic drawer unit for first aid supplies, water filter, duct tape, etc. all go in the rear of the camper by the little drawer unit.  Behind that are setup items like the stabilizer jacks crank, adapters, a tire repair kit, a small manual pump, etc.

Aliner linen closet

Storage for wash clothes, hand towels, and TP behind shower

Our linen closet is the long, narrow cubbyhole behind the shower.  We keep wash cloths, hand towels (used instead of bath towels), spare toilet paper in the back, and the roll in use up front.

Odds and ends like scissors, paper, pens, glue, small tools, clothes pins, needle and thread, etc. are also easily accessible in a tiny plastic drawer unit by my clothes drawer.

Finally, the TV tray is bungied to the chest for travel.  That keeps it from flying around, and also keeps the drawers from coming open.

We could use the shower for storage if needed.  But I don’t like having to drag things out of it if we stop for a bathroom break.  I like to be able to lift the wall, slide the latch, and have it instantly accessible.   So we just don’t bring items that would need to be kept in there.

Properly packed and kept neat, the little Aliner seems a lot bigger than it is.  With its high ceilings, skylights and windows, it can feel really spacious.  But if you let it get cluttered,  it will feel cramped and claustrophobic.

(See also previous post on packing the pantry.)

Aliner bathroom folded

The shower is available for storage while in transit if needed.

shoe storage

Shoe storage in front of converter

more storage in rear

More storage in rear

table bungied for travel

Table bungied to drawer unit for travel


  1. Peggy

     /  July 22, 2010

    I am so excited to find your website; we just bought a new to us ’07 Aliner and I am in love!
    I have so enjoyed reading all of your tips & mods as organization is an “opportunity”..LOL.
    I absolutely LOVE what you did to yours Sharon, the twin beds are awesome!
    What size skillet is in your picture, do you take dishes other than paper plates (looks like you have some Corelle), if so, how many? It is just my husband, myself, and our little beagle mix rescue dog that we adore.
    Sorry for so many questions, we have camped just one time in ours and I am wearing myself out packing/unpacking to keep it neat/tidy but yet have what I “think” we need… : ) P


    • Hi, Peggy. So glad you are enjoying the Aliner info. I also appreciate your comments on my mods. 🙂

      We travel with our little Maltese, Sunny, and he loves camping as much as we do. He adds so much to our enjoyment.

      My skillet is a 10″ with high sides and a lid, so it is truly multi purpose. I prefer using paper plates. I keep them stored in the microwave. But I do carry 2 Correlle plates and bowls for when we have steak (so we don’t cut through paper plates) or soup, and also they are great to use in the microwave. I do carry two coffee cups, but we usually use styrofoam, also stored in the microwave stuffed around the styrofoam plates. We carry a camp stove in the truck and cook outside as much as possible, especially during hot weather. But I also do a fair amount of indoor cooking in cold weather. I use a french press for coffee. That way I don’t need electricity — just heat the water on the stove. It also tastes so much better than perked. One other indispensable item is a pair of small resealable plastic containers for leftovers. I keep those in the drawer with the silverware, dish cloths and towels, and pots and pans.

      I have added one 10″ plastic bowl for mixing, and it is stored in the microwave under the paper plates.

      I use the single plastic silverware organizers that hook together in different configurations. It keeps my one drawer neat.

      Part of the fun of an Aliner is figuring out how to maximize the storage. You’ll work out your own system that will feel like second nature in a short while!


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