Hit & Run RV Accident

On the way home, we stopped at a Flying J near Lake Park, Georgia.

Hit and run driver hitting fifth wheel

Right after impact

We parked, and Ron went in to pick up coffee and snacks.  I was sitting in the passenger seat of our truck.

A burgundy pickup truck pulling a very long fifth wheel came by me on the right and turned left without swinging out wide enough.  I realized he was going to crunch the right front of our truck, so reached over and leaned on the horn.

He didn’t even slow down… just kept coming.  There was no way he could miss us, I thought.  But by the grace of God, he did–probably by a fraction of an inch.

Fifth wheel right after it hit the jeep toad

Fifth wheel pulling forward after impact. You can see black pieces of the fender and white pieces from the fifth wheel on the ground.

After he got past us, he turned left at the end of the parking area.   I heard a very loud crunch as he slammed into the toad of the motorhome parked at the end.  The driver stopped for a few seconds, and then, incredibly, kept going.

When the couple who owned the motorhome came out of the store, I met them and told them what had happened.  I also handed the guy my camera so he could download my pictures to his laptop.

Driver continues across parking lot

Fifth wheel continues across parking lot

Other people in the parking lot got the license tag numbers of the hit and run driver.

The motorhome owner called the police, but since it was just property damage, it apparently was not a priority call.  So they prepared to wait.  I offered to stay in case a witness was required, but they didn’t feel it was necessary.  So I gave them my phone number, and Ron and I headed north.

Hit and run driver exits Flying J

Hit and run driver exiting Flying J

I was stunned that an RVer would hit another person’s rig and not even stop.  Usually RVers are concerned and considerate about other RVers rigs.  I wondered if the hit and run driver had stolen the fifth wheel.  He certainly didn’t know how to tow it.

Driver heading down road from accident

Hit and run fifth wheel on the road leaving scene of accident

I do hope that the couple who owned the motorhome were able to get their toad repaired, continue on their journey, and put the accident behind them.

And I fervently hope that the hit and run driver got caught.

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