Camper back from the shop

I finally caught up posting our Florida trip, so am back in real time now.

The camper was in the shop for 8 days getting the water heater repaired, but we got it back today.   Parts for a Suburban water heater are expensive!  But what really matters is that we have hot water again.

I feel like some essential part of me is missing when the camper isn’t here.  And I feel complete again when it’s parked home where it belongs.  Funny how a “thing” can be so important to me.  I think it’s because it represents the freedom to go anywhere I want, whenever I want to.

We plan to head out to West Point Lake COE campground in a few days and do some fishing.  First we have a doctor and dental appointment… then it’s camping again.  Hurrah!

Ron and I are happiest when we are camping together.  I think the reasons are that we really have fun together while we are out.  We are a lot more active.  We usually camp in beautiful surroundings.  And we love being around the best people in the world — other campers!

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