Leaving Gail’s House

We left Mom’s house and arrived at Gail’s house on Friday, April 2.

Aliner tucked behind azaleas

Aliner tucked behind azaleas

After our great dry camping initiation at Juniper Springs, we weren’t worried about going without hookups for a couple of days.  So we tucked the Aliner way out of the way under a giant live oak tree, screened by azaleas.

Gail and Mike weren’t planning to pick up the U-Haul until the next morning.  So that night they took us out for a wonderful all-you-can-eat rib dinner.

Early the next morning their friend Pete arrived to help load the truck.   He had worked until 3:30 the night before, so it was a heroic act for him to show up to help.

The Mike and Gail picked up the truck and the guys went right to work.  I had thought that I’d have more to do, but they were so efficient that Gail and I mostly visited with the people who stopped by to say goodbye.

The new owner (also Pete) brought his big lab mix dog with him to introduce him to his new home.  Every time Pete let the dog off his leash, he headed straight for the river and jumped in for a swim.  We warned him to be careful, because years ago an alligator had gotten one of Gail’s dogs.

Also, the next door neighbor came to say goodbye.  Funny, Gail had lived there for years and had never met her until recently when her husband was hospitalized with a serious illness.  They both regretted wasting all those years they could have been friends.

The U-Haul ready to roll

The U-Haul ready to roll

Then Jeannie (my baby sister) and Darrell showed up.  They hadn’t been able to make it to Gail’s goodbye party the previous weekend, but were here to make sure they got to say goodbye, too.

So we visited almost all day, and had pizzas delivered for dinner — while they guys kept on loading the truck.

After everyone left, Gail still had a few small things to pack.  And she wanted to leave the house spic and span.  So I vacuumed and she mopped.   By then it was late, so I headed for the camper and bed.  She continued packing until early in the morning.

Aliner and U-Haul ready to leave

Aliner and U-Haul ready to leave

The next morning, after breakfast from Hardees, they locked the door for the last time and headed west to Texas.

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